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Giving Form to an Idea

Our collaborative design approach gives you the opportunity to be part of the creative process, developing bespoke designs and soulful spaces that give form to an idea.  We take the time to inspire, creating architecture that reflects your unique vision.

boutique commercial architecture sketch

Boutique Commercial

Bringing a wealth of experience from internationally renowned commercial projects to a smaller scale.  Efficient floorplate layouts, sustainably driven design, and activation of the street front for the community to engage are staples of our design.

sophisticated custom house architectural design sketch

Sophisticated Residential

Timeless design with modern sensibilities, we focus on natural daylight, materiality, and a connection back to nature.  Ultimately a series of intimate spaces to grow your life in.

culturally significant sketch

Culturally Significant

Spaces for the public, and by the public.  We listen to the community and try to help give a sense of place where there was not a physical one before. Anchors for the community, our cultural spaces should help drive the development of a sense of community.

Our Story

McAnneny Architects Collaborative, or "studio mac" for short - was set up in 2018 by Chris McAnneny with the aim of exploring the natural environment through architecture.  Established in California, Chris' ambition is to bring his global design experience to North American shores.  Having worked on large scale commercial projects for most of his career, the studio was built to bring these learnings to a smaller scale.  




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