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Espressed Ply


Stephany van Willigenburg




Palo Alto, California


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Rather than a coffee table, it’s an “espresso” table.  Witnessing some of the wastage on a construction site, the concept was to take ordinary construction materials like plywood and copper piping, normally used for concrete formwork and plumbing.  Usually discarded after the concrete cures or buried in drywall, the materials have inherently beautiful qualities that when repurposed can be “espressed” in new and interesting ways.  The top is made completely of plywood turned on end to express the layers of ply.  A cheese board slots into the table and is sanded out to create a shallow bowl, revealing the layers of ply in a different manner.  The copper tubing base is assembled using standard T sections.  The copper is left untreated to age naturally over time allowing the natural patina to become part of the “expression.”

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