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Taipei Xinyi D1




2015-2016 (unbuilt)

Design Architect



Taipei, Taiwan


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Role on Project

Project Architect (RSH+P)



Fubon approached RSH+P to design a forty story luxury residential tower in the heart of Taipei's business district, just blocks away from Taipei 101, once the world's tallest building.  The apartments were intended for Taiwainese as well as international residents.  The concept was developed around the idea of corner living.  The typical floor plan included four apartments per floor where residents would be drawn through the entrance out to corner views.  

Through the process the idea evolved to take account of Taiwainese culture and their way of living in a home, in many ways contrasting to typical western culture.  Further, typhoons and earthquakes are an ever-present danger in Taipei.  The building was engineered to resist extreme loads and key structural components were expressed to help assure residents of the structural integrity of the tower despite such slim proportions.  

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