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Bould Häuschen


Fred Bould


2021 - present


Lake Tahoe, CA


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The client owns a cabin near Lake Tahoe and was looking to add space with an ADU.  As a successful industrial designer, he appreciates simplicity in design and appreciates mid century modern minimalism.  The new cabin takes a simple form, an elongated box clad in local white cedar, cradled within a timber frame.   Taking cues from the nearby Truckee River Flume, the expressed structure elevates the box putting it on display, almost like an object rather than a cabin.  

The existing house designed by a local architect in the late 60s has beautiful expressed timber rafters supporting a gable roof that runs beyond full height glass to shade the living room.  Inspired by this design, the new cabin’s timber framework floats two pitched canopies over the box.  These help shade skylights allowing for diffuse natural light, PVs on top of the canopy help power the cabin and the original house.

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