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Catskills Getaway


Brian Berger + Amy Shearer


2018 - present


Upstate New York


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The Catskills Getaway is a four room bedroom house designed for a couple that lives in Brooklyn NYC and bought a five acre hillside plot overlooking the Catskills.  As the couple plans to retire in the house, all living and sleeping are on the same level.  It is designed to be built in three stages to help ease the burden of construction costs.  First the living quarters where the views are trained over the valley and the study can serve as a sleeping room.  Second the sleeping quarters where the master and two guest rooms are planned.  Privacy between the master and the guests is protected as the views are focused in different directions.  And last the work studio that can double as both a car port, a yoga studio, or workshop.  The living and sleeping blocks are bifurcated by a walkway from the car port framing a spectacular view across the valley.  Last a flume runs along the walkway as a nod to the agrarian history of the region and as a calming sound.

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