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Design inspired by nature, connecting us to our environment


We aspire for our design to sit balanced within its environment.  Whether the context is the natural environment, the urban landscape, or the public realm, there should be a synergy.  The architecture should complement its surroundings, augmenting its setting.  Most importantly, as we have one earth to share, take every opportunity to limit carbon emission, build sustainably, and re-wild.  We should leave the building's environment better than how we found it. 



Design that’s honest in its purpose yet beautiful in its form 

Design should cater to how people experience the built environment.  How can we use natural light, materiality, and the tactile to create intimacy in our spaces.  To borrow a term from the Danish, we aspire to create a sense of "hygge" in our architecture - a quality of coziness that  engenders a feeling of well-being.  Focus on how people interact with the architecture, it is where we live our lives.


Design to be loved for generations, for a sustainable future


Design buildings that are loved.  Designs buildings that are flexible for the future.  Design buildings that are of a quality that will last.  We want to design architecture that is both of its time and will be revered in the future.  Ultimately the most sustainable types of buildings are those that will last.  To us, this is the best kind of sustainability - buildings that last are better for the environment than knocking down structures to replace with new ones every couple of decades

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