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Home Office Spa


Rhonda Michalec




San Francisco, CA


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The Home Office Spa (The HOS) was conceived as a solution to a problem many have faced since the onset of the pandemic, finding a quiet place to work outside the office that does not include costly home improvements.  Designed around a desk, it is meant to have the warmth of your own home, and the feel of a spa.  Somewhere you actually want to sit and work for long periods of time.  The HOS comes fully insulated so the user can work through the winter.  It is also fully wired so that it only needs to be plugged into the main house’s electrical system.  It is designed to fit on the back of a truck so that it can be built in a factory and sent to the user.  The frame is consistent across all designs, however the user can choose a select group of finishes to customize to their tastes, similar to the chassis of a car.

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