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What are we about?

McAnneny Architects Collaborative - MAC. was founded in 2018 to provide clients with exceptional design services.  We are a full service architecture studio that focuses on boutique commercial buildings, modern homes, and cultural projects. 


Departing from the traditional perception of the architect on the pedestal, MAC. was founded on the notion that intensive collaboration between the client, builder, consultants, and architect results in better design.  The collaboration starts with you the client as we take your ideas, ambitions, (and constraints!) and help you make it a reality.    

Global Career

"So much of who we are is where we have been." - William Langewiesche

Chris spent 7 years living in  NYC before moving to London to kickoff his architecture career with Richard Rogers  It was an opportunity to see design through a European lense, but also to experience a culture where design is cherished.  

He spent three years in Sydney experiencing Australia's embrace of indoor/outdoor living.   In total, Chris spent 11 years abroad.

Design for the human experience

Design should cater to how people experience the built environment.  How can we use natural light, materiality, and the tactile to create intimacy in our spaces.  To borrow a term from the Danish, we aspire to create a sense of "hygge" in our architecture - a quality of coziness that  engenders a feeling of well-being.  Focus on how people interact with the architecture, it is where we live our lives.

Professional Experience

"If you really look closely, most overnight successes took along time."  - Steve Jobs

Chris has been fortunate to have worked on a wide range of projects types from commercial, to cultural, to residential through his career at RSH+P and Heatherwick Studio.

Perhaps he is most proud of his work on the Spy Museum where he led a team from concept through to construction documents.


Design in the Environment

We aspire for our design to sit balanced within its environment.  Whether the context is the natural environment, the urban landscape, or the public realm, there should be a synergy.  The architecture should complement its surroundings, augmenting its setting.  Most importantly, as we have one earth to share, take every opportunity to limit carbon emission, build sustainably, and re-wild.  We should leave the building's environment better than how we found it. 

Professional Clients

"Great artists need great clients." - I.M. Pei

Chris has been fortunate to have worked with some excellent clients over the years through his career working at RSH+P and Heatherwick Studio.  They have ranged from savvy NYC developers to cultural institutions. 


Each client approaches projects in their own unique way.  Chris has learned from each of these clients along the way, but the single most important lesson, the client's passion is the success of the project.

Design with Passion

Design because you care.  Sweat the details as much as the initial concept.  Be bold, be evocative, be emotive, yet also be nuanced in the approach.

AIA Member

Licensed in California and New York

Chris has been a member of the American Institute of Architects since 2011.  He is licensed in the state of New York and California.

MAC seeks opportunities to partners with local builders in  other parts of the country and beyond.

Chris has presented to the AIA National Committee on Design as well as other local chapters.


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