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Giving Form to Your Ideas

Our collaborative design approach gives you the opportunity to be part of the creative process, developing bespoke designs and soulful spaces that give form to your ideas. We take the time to inspire you with ideas and help you create spaces that reflect your unique vision.

We offer a comprehensive architectural service that is informed by the site's context, using planning and budget constraints to push the design. Our iterative process between you, the engineers and the contractors will help you navigate the planning and permitting process, and execute on the vision. We will provide a high quality finished product that will allow your needs to evolve over time.

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Boutique Commercial

Focus on small to mid scale projects for developers, institutions and other organizations

Modern Homes

Uniquely designed modern style homes with a focus on retreat spaces.


Museums, public realm, and other spaces that bring people of the community together.

Chris had the privilege of working in London and Sydney under world renown architect Richard Rogers and designer Thomas Heatherwick over a 16 year career, leading numerous large scale public facing projects including the new Google HQ in Mountain View, California and the International Spy Museum in Washington DC. 


Having settled in California with his family, Chris hopes to bring the sophisticated thinking usually reserved for large scale projects - whether innovative sustainable design or the latest in material technology - to smaller scale projects.  We focus on impactful public spaces, boutique commercial with heavy emphasis on placemaking, and bespoke residential integrated with nature - whether through materials, passive cooling measures or physical interaction with nature.    

But ultimately the goal is to create a beautiful piece of architecture that will be well loved by you and future generations to come.  

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